James W. "Jim" Horne


Jim Horne is the founder and president of the Horne Group.  He started the Horne Group in January of 2005 after he retired as the Commissioner of Education for the State of Florida. Jim also served in the Florida Senate elected in 1994 and served until July 2001 when he was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush as the first appointed Commissioner of Education for the state.

Jim graduated from Florida State University in August of 1980 with a degree in Accounting  and started his professional career in Jacksonville with the international accounting firm of Price Waterhouse. He rose in the ranks very quickly and became a tax manager in less than 3 years. He left Price Waterhouse in 1985 to start his own local accounting firm. The Firm grew to become one of the largest local accounting firms in northeast Florida. Jim divested his interest in July 2001 when he was appointed to the full time position as the state’s Commissioner of Education.

Jim Horne was elected to the Florida Senate in November 1994 in his first run at political office. Jim brought his financial expertise and keen business acumen to the Senate and quickly emerged as a leader. He was selected in 1996 to chair the Education Appropriations committee and in 1998 to chair the Finance and Tax committee and in 2000 to chair the full Ways and Means committee. Senator Horne was catalyst behind many of the education reforms spearheaded by Governor Bush and that are now national models.  Senator Horne also championed a complete rewriting of Florida’s telecommunications laws.  As a budget chairman he was responsible for all facets of government spending including infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, education, agriculture and the environment.  Senator Horne was a key cog in Governor Bush’s plans for education reform and was tapped by Governor Bush in 2001 to take the reins of the Nation’s first ever K-20 system of education. Senator resigned a year early on his senate term of office and became the state’s first ever appointed Commissioner of Education. As Commissioner he took on the challenge of reorganizing three separate delivery systems (Universities, Community Colleges and K-12) into one efficient seamless system of education.  Jim was also responsible for implementing the most robust education reforms in the Nation and overseeing the distribution of the entire K-20 budget of nearly $20 billion dollars.

Senator Horne has the ideal combination of business, legislative and executive agency experience spread across virtually all disciplines that make him a great choice for an organization looking for government relations and public affairs consultant.



Georgia McKeown
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 David H. Horne


 David Horne is the firm's CIO and Director of Communications. David is the former President of Gaiacomm International, a high-tech telecommunications company that specializes in bringing cutting edge terahertz-based innovations to the global market for use in high speed voice and data transfer. David is extremely versatile, having over 30 years business experience in the fields of legislative lobbying, banking, healthcare, insurance, education, railway transportation, graphics design, computer technology, data systems architecture and telecommunications. He is also an award-winning author, a distinguished technical writer (contributing to high-tech magazines and websites), a programmer and a graphics artist, as well as an respected speech writer, political analyst and campaign manager.


David has been active in politics and political campaigns for over 45 years, starting as the grassroots campaign coordinator for Verle Pope for State Senate when he was only 16 years old. David and fellow teenager Pat Caddell, who would later become a celebrated national pollster and political advisor to Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden and others (and is currently a featured guest on the Sean Hannity Show on FOX), were publicly credited by Verle Pope as the two reasons he won and won handily.


David graduated from The Citadel in 1972 with B.A in English and a minor in Political Science, followed by a stint as an officer and Navigator/Bombadier in the U.S. Air Force. 




Carol Serna 

Carol Serna has more than 17 years experience both in Office Management and as an Executive Assistant.  She began working with Jim Horne during his campaign for the Florida Senate.  Subsequently, Carol joined Senator Horne’s staff and worked in the role of both District Secretary and Legislative Assistant. During this time, Carol handled all the Senator’s scheduling, managed the office, and was responsible for constituent casework involving all agencies of Florida state government.  Additionally, Carol was responsible for coordinating all constituent bus trips to Florida’s Capitol, overseeing tours, meals, transportation, and speakers.  Her tremendous achievement was evident as the bus tour event grew in numbers every year.  Through Carol’s first-rate organizational skills, this event became a huge success and one that clearly enhanced the profile of Senator Jim Horne.

When then Governor Jeb Bush tapped Senator Horne to be the first appointed Commissioner of Education,   Carol  joined the executive  staff  of the Florida Department of Education where she functioned as Commissioner Horne’s Executive Assistant.  During this time, she managed the Commissioner’s schedule, assimilated all materials and documentation for his review and was responsible for the preparation of all materials for the State Board of Education and Board of Trustees’ meetings throughout the state of Florida.  Commissioner Horne very quickly recognized Carol’s excellent networking skills and promoted her to a Florida Department of Education Liaison for Northeast Florida.  During this time, Carol acted as the Commissioner’s liaison to 10 county school districts.  She put together meetings, attended events, and generally functioned as Horne’s “eyes and ears” in Northeast Florida.


When Jim Horne left the Florida Department of Education to open The Horne Group, Carol was recruited by then Florida Senate President Jim King to join his staff.  Again, she became a valuable team member putting her exceptional office management and organizational skills to work.


Shortly thereafter, Horne asked Carol to join the Horne Group as his Office Manager and Senior Executive Assistant.  Carol made significant contributions to his very successful business.


Carol keeps the trains running in her role as office manager and senior executive assistant of the Horne Group.  She maintains all the corporate books, is responsible for the entire team of the Horne Group’s schedules, does all the billings, travel arrangements, phone duties, and coordinates all information from Legislative information sights to each member of the team.  Carol provides the foundation for the Horne Group’s success.



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